[LAU] radio interview with falkTX

Filipe Coelho falktx at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 23:07:40 UTC 2013

On 08/15/2013 06:57 AM, Dan MacDonald wrote:
> Tonight, falkTX will be the first ever guest to be interviewed on 
> Mumble Rumble, my show on Dark City Radio, Thursday 15th August @ 10pm 
> GMT!
> Dark City Radio is entirely powered by his OS - KXStudio - and we also 
> make regular use of Cadence and Claudia in running Dark City Radio so 
> having F as my debut guest makes perfect sense as DC may never have 
> been possible without him! I shall be quizzing falkTX on KXStudio, 
> DISTRHO, Cadence, Carla, other girls beginning with C and pretty much 
> anything to do with Linux (Audio) and himself.
> Anyone interested in Linux audio is invited to log onto the Dark City 
> Mumble server during the show to take part in MUMBLE RUMBLE!
> If you've never used Mumble before, see my guide to getting it set up 
> here:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_slsSlcUDcY
> Thanks for listening (or taking part)!
> Dan
> www.darkcityradio.com <http://www.darkcityradio.com>
I think that went fine, do you agree?

Will you be uploading the interview somewhere so others can have a 
listen too?

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