[LAU] Asus/Ubuntu/Audacity searching a reliable usb-recordig interface.

Florian Paul Schmidt mista.tapas at gmx.net
Wed Aug 28 08:54:05 UTC 2013

On 28.08.2013 06:36, Jose van Rooy wrote:
> Linux-friends,i hope you can help me soon with the find of my 
> desperate long-time wish.
> I include here my letter in a HTML-code, because at first i mailed 
> this letter to the wrong adress, so to get rid of all the headers on 
> the Gmail, i found an app (BasKet Note Pads, Ubuntu)that can do that, 
> but till now im' not able to get the entire visible text at-ones 
> pasted into the writable Gmailbox-space, then till now i ownly know 
> this HTML-method with the BasKet Note Pad.   Wish you luck in 
> searching your own free spaces in life and the support to other 
> good-harted people in this rude world. And thank you..


this is the text of the mail inline. I added some formatting to ease 
reading. It is still not easy to actually find out what his question is, 
because it is embedded somewhere in this massive wall of text. My best 
bet  is the first line of paragraph eight, plus a little more 
afterwards. The following is not my text but Jose's:



  i'm Jose from Holland and here is the confirmation of my membership. 
The only reason for me to become a member is trying desperate to get a 
real and straight answer about my strugglings on having my 30 years old 
African tape-collection finally digitalised without hearable 
quality-loss, because its very frustrating you can read al kinds of 
misleading nonsense on the internet, but it's always impossible to get a 
quick straight answer to your specific questions because nobody knows 
nothing and there never shows up a telephone-number where you can ask 
something to someone with robust nowledge. And when you talk about 
Ubuntu it's like you're from another planet, that's because they are 
stucked in their own interested selling-conspirations, because -for 
example the local shops-  only want to see money and they are full of 
that common cheap Windows bust-talk, swelling up theirselves and 
glorificating the whole day this Social Disgrace and consealed criminal 
organization called Microsoft, and when asking about Ubuntu they 
'suposingly' don't know nothing about it,  these poor corrupted souls....

You can say i'm a music-freak but not someone who gathers by quantity 
and 'name' even if it's awful sounding commercial music. I personally 
have to like a song, otherwise i throw it without hesitating to the 
trash-heap, and the music i like is for me to keep it like a pearl, 
that's why i bought eight years ago the last Tascam 322 double tape-deck 
that still was available on the market at that time, to secure and 
perpetrate my unpriceable music-collection. A year ago i discovered the 
digital world and it intrigues me, and now i know the endless advantages 
of digitalising music from an analogue source. In the mean time i bought 
four units of my favorite tablet -the Asus Transformer Prime tf201- in 
slightly different versions. And i am also in love with my favorite 
mp3-player the Sansa Fuze 4GB from Sandisc and have like ten of them, 
because i fear they won't fabricate them anymore, and i doubt wether 
there  will ever be ensembled a better mp3-player as the Fuze: as 
society 'cheapened' day by day on this day's -in the Last Days-, and 
companies forcing increasingly worse quality consumer-electronics into 
the market, wich moreover are more and more heavily DRM-ized. Then like 
eight months ago i bought my first laptop: an Asus B43S,  14inch, 
Windows 7 Prof. XP, (x86  64bit), processor 4x Intel(R) Core(TM) 
i5-2520M  CPU at 2.50 GHZ, and someone putted Ubuntu too on my laptop and 
now with the latest version: Ubuntu 13.04 , linux 
3.8.0-29-generic(x86_64), Default C Compiler: GNU C compiler version 4.7.3.

Using Ubuntu i must say i got hooked on the Audacity-app in the coarse 
of time. So, after getting familiar with Audacity in the end i 
discovered the method of converting my tapes with this music-app, but my 
gladness was short in time because i noticed at a certain moment that my 
recordings with Audacity were all in mono and not in stereo. I verified 
the cable but wasn't the problem, then i focused on my laptop and found 
out that my Asus is equiped only with a misserable little 3,5 mm mono 
mic line-in jack. Then i searched on internet wich confirmed my previous 
thoughts: meaning that Gates-Microsoft, bribes the laptop-manufacturers 
to not ensemble stereo-plugins into the laptops. Further on i discovered 
the existance of de usb-recording interface or usb-soundcart with a 
stereo mic line-in connection or another name for it: an A/D-converter 
(analogue to digital).

And here is the point of my question: a few days ago i bought the 'Forte 
Focusrite' because the seller told me it was the best A/D-converter in 
it's class. I bought it too because he assured me i would not be stucked 
to some kind of website to depend on it, after insistingly asking him 
about this point.  A time before, i bought 4 ion-tapeconverters thinking 
by myself wat an easy solution it was to get my tapes digitalised. But 
short after installing the tapeconverter-program i saw the cheeky 
  misleading of this ion-tapeconverter, and noticed what kind of an 
ingenious elaborated filthy trap it was from Apple (i-tunes): a set-up 
in combination -of coarse- with the vulgar entertainment-industry: it is 
insulting  because you don't even own your converted-to-mp3-tape-music, 
given that your tapes are converted into mp3-files together with some 
DRM-code; so you can't play your converted tape-songs on a random 
mp3-player,  and the only manner to listen your own songs on the street 
would be by purchasing an apple ipod, that evidently is designed to 
neutralize the DRM-code, so with an ipod only you are able to listen to 
your converted tape-music if you wish to take your music outside on the 
street. And too, {in the mean time} you have to 'swallow' all the filthy 
commercials of this criminal entertainment-maffia during your steps and 
moves and handlings while being on the 'itunes-site' navigating and so on.

When i became aware of the  sofisticated-hidden engineered -and huge 
controlled design of this site with it's malicious premeditated 
camouflaged manipulation, i didn't doubt a second to delete immediately 
this awful disgusting nightmare-environment. But that is easyer said 
then done and needs some focused search-efforts, because like a 
tenacious trojanhorse-virus it is very hard to erradicate: to say that 
all the remote corners of your operating-system resulted in being 
infected by all kinds of Apple-files; you wouldn't expect it ( talking 
about this filthy-sneaky invisible Apple settler-infiltration on de 
hard-disk of your computer) but it's true: after the itunes 
online-download is completed and some further on in time, you'll have 
automatically and invisibly -in reality- a whole new OS 
(operating-system) on your computer installed, namely Apple-OS !

Yeah.., in my whole remaining live, i will never ever want to hear or 
see, nor to cope with anything that has to do with Apple, i hate this 
fake-built hot-headed, maked-up and camouflaged money-machine sect, and 
Microsoft belongs to about the same strain: so-called proud of the 
worthless trash they release each time -along with their vain 
presumption and their forced rigid fake theatrical plastic smiles, wich 
with invisible super-glue is stucked to -and hosted on their artifcially 
polished-up audace built-in cheeks, as secretive cheeky cunning shrewd 
cheaters as they are. The word Garbage sounds much too euphemistic 
reminding these double-tongued subjects. So when the seller of the Forte 
Focusrite said that i would not be stucked -and depend on a site of the 
A/D-converter brand-, i didn't doubt to purchase the converter, but some 
time later connecting the gadget at home, i saw immediately that he 
didn't told me the truth.

So now i have this gadget at home, and now i see it is designed for 
compatibility with the Apple/Microsoft operating systems: i will not 
even try to get it work on Ubuntu-Audacity because i know this 
sound-card is heavily conditioned, restricted, DRM-ized...  It's 
something like the previous told story about the ion-tape converter. And 
even with Windows i know it will stagger and hamper, and i'm sick of al 
the interested greed and misleadings, caused by invisable and 
pre-meditated engineerd sabotages, DRM's, staggerings and skipping 
failures, because the whole internet today is for 99.999% one big DRM, 
full of controls and behind-the-curtain-manipulations, so i won't try to 
make this soundcard work on windows too. And this is my desperate 
question: can somebody from linuxaudio.org indicate me what 
usb-soundcard i'll exactly need for my purpose?, the  brand and the 
exact serie-number/name of the soundcard; and if not easy available, 
where to get it? My only purpose is a normal high-quality A/D 
  conversion with no necessity to have more than one stereo-input. I 
mean i don't need extreme studio-quality sound but i don't want hearable 
quality-loss either,  so i will store the converted music always with 
lossles flac and 320 Kbp/s CBR mp3. And i'll only work with my favourite 
app Audacity/Ubuntu on my Asus B43S-laptop (X86  64bit).

So i want a simple, robust and quallity usb recording sound-card that 
you always can rely on so the quality-build can generate a confidential 
trust in time knowing that it works always and flawless after the same 
connecting-handlings each time (like the gadget becomes a trusted part 
of you after a while) and not having to depend on stress-full and 
disturbing handlings like drivers, updates and other demoralising kind 
of nail-biting uneasy botched jobs. If what i ask is not fabricated 
anymore, than i will look for a second hand sound-card from the 
indicated soundcard in question; because i don't care if it's old or 
works slow, the important thing to me is that the soundcard works, and 
that it does his job stable and well, converting analogue music into 
high quality digitalised music.

And about the purchase-costs: if it can be for 600 dollar is oke, but if 
you say the 1000 dollar-one is really worthwhile -'you have to have it' 
!-  than there is for me no doubt, then i'm forced to kook some more 
basic and ingenious dishes for a while, and buy less luxurious food, but 
still: without pesticides, it can be and must be, because i hate 
chemicals. It all will not be a problem to me for having a quallity 
A/D-converter. So., again.. asking you my question was the reason to 
become a member, otherwise perhaps i wouldn't had been able to pose my 
question with a possible corresponding answer from your part, because i 
don't know if you need the membership to pose questions. I thank you for 
hearing me. I don't know from wich angle i can expect an answer to my 
question about the usb-soundcard, and maybe it is nessecary to reach the 
members of the consortium list with my question, therefor after sending 
this email i'll put this mail in the 'send forward-mode' and will use 
the header of consortium at list.linuxaudio.org, so this email will reach 
the list-members, who (probably debating inbetween them -i don't know 
the proceedings by linuxaudio.org-) may come to a conclusive answer to 
my question.

  If it is possible i would like to have an answer in 5 days because 
that is the time left inwich i  can return this Forte Focusrite to the 
store, and use the amount for buying other items instead, because they 
won't give the money back; then i practically 'loss' the money, unless i 
know the brand-name and serie-name/number of my following soundcard, so 
they can order it,  and all would turn out positive for me (if they can 
obtain the card from their providers);  otherwise i would need the full 
amount for a new soundcard buying it elswhere, and borrowing something 
from my sisters. I thank you.., and i will wait for your respons.


End of quote.
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