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Bruno Gola brunogola at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 14:30:16 UTC 2013

hi hermann,

it's still in really alpha stage to run mod-ui on your desktop, but
let me see if I can help you.

i just cloned the source code from github and followed the README

then I started

$ mod-host -v  # (-v to have some feedback on what's going on)

went back to the mod-ui dir  (just cloned and configured following the
README) and did:

$ . modui-env/bin/activate
$ ./server.py

 pointed my chromium webbrowser  to http://localhost:8888/ and voila :)

this should work fine. oh, if you did install any plugins from the
cloud server (using the search box and clicking on the 'all' radio
button), please delete your dados/ directory (inside the mod-ui/
directory) before trying again.

i'm sorry it's not that clear or easy, but we were not expecting any
desktop users by now and are in a rush to send our first MOD units :)

i hope it works for you, if not, let me now :)

On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 5:11 AM, hermann meyer <brummer- at web.de> wrote:
> HI
> Is anyone here successful running the mod-host web-ui?
> I'm trying the last two day's to get it work, but can't get it.
> I could run the mod-host in interactive mode, to get sound out of it, but I
> fail to do any remote control with the web-ui.
> I could run the web-ui, browse plugins, load them, save paddle boards,  but
> I still remain in a "Device is offline" state, I can't get a input to
> connect to, well, a output is there on screen, but no input.
> Is there a tutorial anywhere?  Did I need to set the socket somehow ?
> I would love to get it work, as the Web Interface looks really, really,
> nice.
> hermann
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