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Jose van Rooy josevanrooy at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 16:05:24 UTC 2013

Hallo Harry, i appreciate you give me the name of this Esi Maya 44 usb
recording-interface of 100 euro {to convert a tape into digital formats},
but it's like you didn't read my letter, because you say at the end of your
commend: 'if the Focus-rite works, just keep it and use it'. I mean..,
almost my whole letter talks about this question: saying i don't like
software focused on Microsoft and Apple, and that i want to work with
Audacity-Ubuntu, the application i most like. And saying in my letter
things like Microsoft and Apple want to erradicate linux, because it
disturbs their immoral money-making business, and because of that they try
to make all existing software/hardware {like external usb sound-cards}
incompatible with linux, and to some extend with their own
operating-systems too, because you can make it work, but badly, if you use
their patented patches and other botched jobs {creating cunningly an
imposed dependence on the user}  wich all are premeditated makings, to
retrieve the maximum amount of benefits out of their obfuscated

I want a sound-card wich is like 'native' compatible with Audacity-Ubuntu,
plug-and-play, period. That means with no need to depend on -or being
stucked on some kind of sign-in-website to beg for {staggering} drivers and
patches each month, because this high-handed supposed-cry-baby Gates must
impose his month to month update on his Windows-OS with the well-hidden
motivation {shrewd and cheeky as he is} to make money out of it, and his
aspiration of being the only despot of the internet. The Focusrite is
DRM-ized and won't work on Audacity-Ubuntu plus i don't want to depend on
nothing, and surely don't want to work with DRM-hamperings, because in the
end you'll only harvest al lot of frustration and anger; but up above all
you haven't obtained a satisfactory result. I will bring this Focusrite
back to the store where i bought it.

This story is like buying an expensive and solid-quality mp3-player but
with a little crucial part missing -for instance a little chip-card you
have to put manually into the mp3-player. Than.., as you leave the store
after paying the quality mp3-player, you ask the shop-assistent: 'where can
i find this little chip-card to make the mp3-player work? The
shop-assistant replies: 'are you by car?, .....if you are by car than you
take this and that highway' -and so on-, and the shop-assistent finished
saying: 'the store-location you found by my indication, is one of the
locations where you can retrieve regularly your chip-cards for FREE'. The
word FREE sounds fantastic,  but it is all but free. It is not free
because the word 'regularly' involves the fact that you'll have to renovate
your mp3-chip-card each time. Renovate because there is a bios-like
firmware integrated into the chip-card, controlled through some kind of
radio-wave-frequency, and contains some spy-ware too. The manufacturer says
to his mp3-player-customers that the FREE chip-card is for improving the
player through the regular updates of the chip-card-bios, "a FREE service
to meet the comfort of the customers", he says. (By the way: the deliberate
sweet-chosen-word 'cookie' is basically founded on the same kind of audace
fooling dissuading-trap intentions). But in fact the manufacturer is
exclusively focused on his own bank-account, because: with the build-in
spy-ware he is compiling all kinds of habits and preferences of the
mp3-player's user. This gathered information he uses it for himself and can
sell it to others to make more money out of it. The user thinks he likes
this FREE service, but in reality he is struggling frequently with his
quality-player because it hampers and skips and staggers all the time on
random moments; that's because the manufacturer is able to modify the
build-in bios of the chip-card from a distance. After a while, slightly
annoyed he phones the chip-card-store and tells them his story, and they
reply him: 'yes sir, no problem, we have the latest release of the
chip-card in our store, so you can come and get it for FREE'. After a few
years and many chip-cards further {plus time-loss and fuel-costs for the
nessecity to travel by car each time when fetching the chip-cards}, he
finally throws his quality mp3-player frustrated and somewhat angered into
a corner of his garden-shed; and did this, mainly, because the manufacturer
anounced a new and 'better' version of his mp3-player,....and so on, and on
and on and on.....

Conclusion: this user bought this quality mp3-player and spended a
substantial amount of money on it, and physically it's his player. But in
fact he don't possesses or owns his mp3-player, because he has no control
over it in no way, totally unreliable, so the functionallity as an mp3
player -as it should be- isn't there, totally worthless. That's because of
all kinds of unexpected random skippings and hamperings, appearing
regularly on your player, so it causes you rather destabilizing moods than
being able to enjoy your music, causing huge anger and frustration.

So, as i said i can't understand your reply after my letter read: 'use the
focus-rite if it works'. Precisely i became a linux-member and wrote my
long letter for that very reason: saying the Focusrite isn't compatible
with Audacity/Ubuntu and that i'm desperate to find a compatible and
reliable usb-stereo soundcard for linux/ubuntu/Audacity. So i can't
understand you are saying something like that, after reading my letter: one
out of two: or you didn't read my letter or you can't understand my
The Focusrite gives you the impression of a solid quality-build sound-card
and it's design is not too bad too, but for me it's totally worthless like
this example of the-quality-mp3-player.

In your reply you talked about having 'snipped away lots of my email'. You
better could have said: 'i took three sentences out of your email to
highlight the essence of your question'; because my email wasn't there.
I think it's oke to highlight the essential parts, but leaving the original
mail (original mail: the first incoming mail wich induces each new
conversation) on each 'replying-page' intact because it is much more useful
and easy for every one, given that incoming people opening a random
reply-page, when reading the 'reply-tekst', they wouldn't be forced to
click back each time to the first {conversation-causing page} mail to have
a reference, if he seeks to understand fully what's the conversation
exactly about. And i would say there can't be an incovenience to this
explanation, because a few k-bites text more won't collapse the
linuxaudio-servers, and scrolling each time a little downstairs to pick up
the start of each reply  {reply-pages that can grow in quantity because the
conversation may be extended to days, weeks, months.....(note: i call them
'reply-pages' to make clear what i mean, because a 'reply-page' can too
enclose a question , from another linuxaudio-member)}, seems to me no
problem either.

Again, thank you for giving me a name of a soundcard and the link of the
video, but as far as the sound-card concerns: in my letter i gave the
relevant specifications of my laptop, and the Ubuntu-version plus my
specific wishes what kind of usb-recording soundcard i'm searching for. But
in your reply you only gave the name of this sound-card, but not confirming
if it is compatible with linux while i highlighted in my mail that i'll
only work with my favorite app Audacity/ubuntu, and too: i heared nothing
wether the sound-card could match with the specifications of my laptop or
not. In the mean time i spotted your recommended sound-card on a site, and
i saw it is compatible with many operatingsystems but linux wasn't
inbetween them. In my mail i talked about a price-range of at least 500
This soundcard you recommended me, i saw it on the mentioned site for 99
euro's (by the way, i hate this kind of cheap nasty mind-game, trying to
incite the customer into temptation to buy the product, because the number
99 apparently looks fewer than 100 {translated to money-amount}).
I'm not saying per definition that a cheap item is synonymous to low
quality, but 100 dollar or 500 dollar is some difference, and the
businessman of today knows more or less exactly the relation between
price/quality; he'll never give you something for free.
So, in my letter i talked about 600 dollar and up, and the sound-card
preferable has to have only one stereo line-in connection (the sound-card
of 99 euro you  recommended me has two stereo line-in connections).
This saturday is the last day i'm allowed to return the Focusrite to the
shop, and i agreed to meet my mother's friend (like a second mother to me)
on Saterday because she can bring me with her car to the music-shop ( i
lost my drivers-license 7 years ago, due to a severe depression; and that's
why i grabbed the wodka-bottle; they caught me two times behind the
steering-wheel. Thank God afterward for the irresponsible hazardous
situations that could have culminated in disaster to others and myself; and
now i'm on having my license back, because i don't even feel like grabbing
the bottle, given i perceive my future's proximity without sensing my
horizon anymore stucked and cloudy).

Thus.., if you can recommend me another usb sound-card that meets my
desire, for de price of  500 dollar up, i would be grateful. Than i can
substitute the Focusrite (costed about 500 dollar) in the music-shop with
your  new recommend usb-recording interface -or the recommendation of an
other linuxaudio-user who read my mail-, because this music-store won't
give the money back if you're not happy with a purchased item.
Thank you.

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Hi Jose,

I've snipped away lots of your email, trying to focus on the important

On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 9:54 AM, Jose van Rooy wrote:

> So i want a simple, robust and quallity usb recording sound-card

Cool. This if for digitizing tapes right..?
Please watch the following video, its very informative on the quality of
digital audio / tapes:

that the soundcard works, and that it does his job stable and well,
> converting analogue music into high quality digitalised music.

I've used a Esi MAYA 44 USB: they're about 100 euro to buy, and worked
well. If the Focusrite works, just keep it and use it.

Hope that helps, -Harry
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