[LAU] More from the archives - The Radioplayer

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Thu Jan 3 01:36:17 UTC 2013

Hello evferyone!
   Being busy housekeeping, I also want to release this collection, even larger 
than the previous one. It contains themes and incidental music to radioplays - 
both used and unused -, jingles for the LAC (2005-2007) - also used and 
unused - and a small audiobook (in German I'm afraid. So forgive me for this:
   Ihr Deutschen und Deutschsprachigen: Es gibt Horror aus dem Hause Claassen. 
Ich bin nicht ganz Stolz darauf, aber ein bisschen. :-)
   what else is there than giving you:
   And mention - as always - that feedback, as long as it is kind and/or 
productive, is highly welcome. :-)
   Warm regards


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