[LAU] More from the archives - The Radioplayer

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Jan 4 00:15:07 UTC 2013

Hi Len and everone else!
   I am so sorry, I forgot to upload the audiofiles. I will do that and let you 
know, when they are up.
   My keyboards: the Clav, Yamaha DX7IDD (rarely used), Clavia NordLead3 
(virtal analog), Korg Triton TR76, Roaldn XP-30 (both sample-based but used 
less and less), Waldorf Microwave XT (wavetable synthesis/Virtual analogue).
   The organ was Beatrix, now I'm really moving in to setBfree and I'm growing 
really fond of the new Leslie.
   electric pianos are from Sampletekk, so are the acoustic ones. I also ahve 
their ARP Solina samples, which are quite good. Then there's the Drumkit From 
Hell (also as a Gigasample) and the Studio Drumkit, meant for Kontakt or 
Battery. Someone kindly donated a hydrogen file for these.
   For bass I often turn to the nd_bass (natural decaying bass) soundfont, 
which could be donlowaded from hammersounds.net. I think they have gone down.
   Then there is of course the marvellous Gigatron, done by Quirq with the 
samples from Taijiiguy.
   Now sprinkle some ZynAddSubFX and Bristol ontop and you should have it all.
   Which reminds me: Bristol has a superb Vox organ. I'm not a huge fan of that 
sound in general, but during the RPM2012 project from packet-in.org I used it 
for one song, which screamed Vox at me and found it to fit perfectly. It 
really gave the piece that 60s flavour, which it needed. I preferred it over 
my XP-30 keys of the 60s and 70s expansion board, which had always been a 
reliable tool.
   Best wishes


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