[LAU] LAM: A new work in progress..

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Jan 11 00:05:05 UTC 2013

Hi James!
   You can highpass filter both hihats and cymbals. Just listen to the 
instruments on their own and think about them. Hihats and cymbals both start 
rather high, a bassdrum starts very low, but has a low end as well. Guitars 
have a sort-off low end, at least electric rhythm guitar. On the other hand, 
you might want to use a wide EQ band in the high frequency range (5-7kHz) and 
just lower the top end.
   The goal is to unclutter the mix. there is only so much energy (volume), 
that can be spent. If you spend it on things you don't need, the overall sound 
will be too quiet. You will end up throwing lots of limiter at it and that 
won't do really. It will be destructive at some point. Some limiting is OK, 
experiment. Limiting would be the last step on the whole mix.
   chord instruments can usually be highpased at about 200-300Hz, lead sounds 
probably even between 300-400Hz. Depends on the register of your solo.
   for you mix, you shouldn't have to be very drastic, since it's quite roomy, 
also you have a lot of synth there, which has not many strange artefacts, like 
basic humming, hissing, strange distrotions...
   Oh and one small thing: fade in and out on the guitar, so we can't hear you 
adjusting things and putting things aside. :-)
   Best wishes


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