[LAU] MIDI note input by rhythm?

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 11:44:41 UTC 2013

Hi Angel,

I hope I understand correctly what you are trying to achieve.

On 14/01/13 00:05, Angel de Vicente wrote:
> 1. I just enter the notes, regardless of the duration of each of them.
> 2. Then I go into a second phase, where (using the PC keyboard or a MIDI
>     keyboard) I just worry about the rhythm (the note durations). Every
>     time I press a new key in the keyboard the program would play the
>     next note from the ones entered in step 1. and record its duration. I
>     don't care about how the score will look with these durations. I just
>     want an easy way to create a more musical accompaniment. This way, at
>     this step I only have to worry about the durations of each note.
I believe Rosegarden does have a bunch of keyboard short-cuts in the 
notation editor which could aid you in this scenario, if maybe not 
exactly like that:

- Note entry through (QWERTY) keyboard. You may have noticed that 
keyboard rows are mapped to DO-RE-MI pitches in notation editor: e.g. 
a-s-d-f-j-k-l corresponsds to DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-SI
It takes a while to get used to it but can speed note entry quite a bit
- UP/DOWN arrows change pitch of selected notes up/down
- CTRL + UP/DOWN: change pitch of selected notes an octave up/down

- Note dureations: numbers (hint if you hover your mouse on a duration 
in the palette you can see the corresponding keyboard shortcut in 
parenthesis) e.g. 1/4 = 4, 1/8 = 8 etc.
- CTRL + corresponding number, will convert all durations of selected 
notes to the corresponding duration. Note that this will leave start 
times as they are, which may or may not be what you want depending on 
the situation
- CTRL + H and CTRL + SHIFT + H: rescale duration to halve/double: this 
will also *move* notes, which you may or may not want (different factors 
than double and half can be accesed from Adjust->scale menu)
- SHIFT + (left/right) Arrows select notes
- ESCAPE: unselect all notes
- left/right arrows, move cursor through notes
- CTRL + left/right, move cursor one measure at a time
- ALT + left/right arrow: move slected notes a 32snd earlier/later

> 3. The same idea, but for velocities, so I could easily create piano,
>     fortes, crescendos, etc.
- Not as extensive as note entry, but there *is* SHIFT + UP/DOWN arrows 
to increase/decrease velocity of selected notes (I think it goes in 
steps of 10) - the Adjust -> velocities -> set event velocities offers 
much more options

Hope this helps.
> Is there any MIDI editor that would let me do something like this? If
> not, do you think it could be easily implemented? If so, I could perhaps
> contribute with some programming, but I would need some pointers as to
> where to start (I have never done any music/MIDI programming, though I
> have plenty of experience programming in other fields).
> Thanks,
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