[LAU] L_ProAudio: A Linux Proaudio FrameWork with improved Wine/kernel(rt) support [Jordan]

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 13:16:23 UTC 2013

Hartmut Noack wrote:

>So it is a special rt-kernel plus wine optimized for audio OK?
>Sounds quite neat: did you test software other than audiostuff running
>with this special wine? And what about prop. drivers and the kernel?
>Nvidia etc -- they are plague but on some machines they are needed....

Yup, rt-kernel with some extra options/patches for those who might want them.

Any software that i have tested with this version of Wine (beyond
audio stuff) seems to work fine. Other programs aren't using the L_
variables / RT stuff anyway, so their shouldn't be an issue with them.
that being said, i'm not really interested in transgaming, using
MsOffice in wine or anything like that, i mainly use VST/ASIO stuff...
so you may be a better judge, if you happen to be running non-audio

Nvidia should work fine - since i am a long-time Nvidia user (and I am
using the latest 313.09 with rt / L_pa), that is a must have for me. I
had hoped to fix my nvidia package over the weekend, but i had some
important / work-related stuff come up, so hopefully later this week i
can sit down and properly package it, but it probably won't be until
the weekend. (2013 so far, has been extremely busy at work for me).

I've got a small Wiki up too (now) that might answer a few of your
other questions, i'll be adding some more stuff, (again) once i can
free up some time (soon).


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