[LAU] About Digital I/O

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Wed Jan 16 11:32:18 UTC 2013

Hi Gabriel!
   As Ralf pointed out, I recently got an A/D converter. Now I use my S/PDIF 
input to capture another synthesizer with analogue outputs.
   the thing to note is: In your alsamixer - or whatever - change the clock 
settings to slave to the external clock, coming in through the S/PDIF intput.
   I got a Lindy A to D converter. I say this, because it was the only device I 
could find for less than 100 EUR (44 or 45 EUR at www.musicstore.de, probably 
in other big music stores elsewhere). I'm quite happy with it and I have used 
it in a multitrack recording setup.
   I think you will find more D/A converters in the cheaper range.
   I hope this helps.
   Warm regards


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