[LAU] Console based software EQ for jack

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Wed Jan 16 23:28:45 UTC 2013

Hello Stefan!
   I can't suggest a specific text-based EQ, but there is ecasound, which can 
host ladspa plugins, so you could use any EQ of your choice (or even more than 
one). Adjusting can of course be a little tiresome the first time round, 
because you have a lot of parameters to the good EQs. But I suspect, the 
effort would be worth it. If you need something even more powerful, and 
perhaps a little more convenient in its interface, there is Nama.
   then of course you could try to use csound, sc3 or clm (not sure about sc3), 
those are fully fledged synthesis languages. If you know one of them: fine. If 
not, best leave those as a measure of last resort. :-)
   Warm regards


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