[LAU] debugging conflicts Pulseaudio/Jack

Federico Bruni fedelogy at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 14:03:21 UTC 2013

Il 18/01/2013 01:00, Patrick Shirkey ha scritto:
> There is a bug in Pulseaudio that is stopping pa from releasing the audio
> device.
> The temporary solution until it is fixed and released is to disable
> autospawn and restart pa.
> edit ~/.pulse/client.conf
> add
>      autospawn = no

This solved the issue temporarily, but then PulseAudio stopped working 
because it couldn't find the device anymore.

I guess it's because of ~/.pulse/client.conf. Can it contain just that 
line? Or should I copy the file from /etc/pulse and then edit it?
I'd prefere being able to include /etc/pulse/client.conf e then add the 
line. Or maybe change /etc/pulse/client.conf, hoping that in case of 
update I'll be warned about the new config file (as it happens with 
other debian packages).

My concern is: I don't want my ~/.pulse/client.conf to be out-of-date 
wrt the pulseaudio package.

Finally, I've reset my configuration (only ~/.pulse/default.pa) and 
couldn't reproduce the error.
Doing more testing...

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