[LAU] Linux radio / streaming tips?

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Mon Jan 28 15:27:24 UTC 2013

On Monday 28 January 2013 06:29:30 Dan MacDonald wrote:
> Yesterday I had a small local radio station get in touch with me as they're
> looking to switch from Windows to Linux for their streaming server. I'll be
> helping them out just as a favour and because it sounds like it could be
> fun but I don't really have any experience with the various Linux streaming
> solutions so I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone has any tips?
> I've not been down to check out their existing setup but I don't think they
> want much more than to be able to stream recordings and Skype. I think
> Skype lacks JACK support so maybe that will require a bit of messing to get
> it to play nicely (if we use a JACK based streaming solution).
> Did the OSM podcast guys ever do a write-up/ HOWTO I could read? Any other
> good resources for those setting up a small, Linux-based radio station?

Get to know the Rivendell folks.

IRC #rivendell on freenode


I use darkice and icecast2 here.

Have seen people suggesting liquidsoap in place of darkice iirc.

all the best,


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