[LAU] New song: `indigo`

William Light wrl at illest.net
Sat Jun 15 13:33:35 UTC 2013

Always lovely to hear feedback from you.

on Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 11:31:36PM +0200, Julien Claassen wrote:
> Hellowilliam!
>   It's been some time again, which is a pitty. but I'm awaiting your
> full album. If this is anything to go by, then I might enjoy a full
> length EP as well. Probably not on the daily list, but certainly in
> the list, amongst all that progressive rock. :-)
>   Honestly: nice song, simplistic in its arrangement,in a way very
> straight forward, but I like those indecided harmonies. Not exactly
> minor, not exactly major. In combination with the current time, I'm
> waiting for Ulrich Land to announce the thursday night crime and
> thrillers on our public radio. He always played such tracks.
> Slightly dark, a little oneiric and out of this world. I hope the
> album contains even more breakbeats.
>   The sounds as ever were good. Not as charismatic and singular as
> with "Something wrong with your feet", but that of course was a
> completely different workflow and original mindset. Still, I like
> it, that you never succomb to the contemporary equivalents of "salat
> hitting the field" bass drums and other sins of the time. Even the
> Lost in London remix, that we so criticised for its drums had bite.
> And you stick to it with this little tune.

I do what I can! I'm curious, though: do you have any examples of said
"salat hitting the field" bass drum sound?

>   Is there a processed voice sample in it in the left channel? this
> is something, that attracted my ear and wouldn't let go. :-)

There is absolutely some chopped and processed vocal work, "ghosted" by
a synthesizer playing the same melody to give it more body. I really
like repurposing recordings like this. I do it with field recordings all
the time (which flesh out the backgrounds of many of my tracks, `indigo`
included, with little bits of white noise and crackling), and there's
quite a history of this in hip-hop production, particularly sampling
vinyl records and `flipping` them into a different beat.

>   OK, now I may actually have to listen to one of those thriller
> radioplays to satisfy my Pablow reflex. :-)
>   Keep on the good work, as lofi as this and breakbeat as this or as
> hifi and four-to-the-floor as the "all I need" remix. Uphold the
> appearance of good bassdrums in all kinds of electronic styles!
>   Warm regards and thanks for sharing

Absolutely. I'll keep everyone on the list informed :)

>         Julien
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