[LAU] New song: `indigo`

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Sat Jun 15 23:15:20 UTC 2013

Hello William!
   I couldn't find a very recent example, that might be due to me not following 
the very recent electronic music. but examples I could find included Britney 
Spears' Radar and Perfect lover. Although that might have been a little more 
due to the over all arrangement. I certainly remember one song very clearly, 
but can't find it. Someone called Dragostino did a couple of those pieces in 
the early 2000s. Well electronic music has returned and they now know about 
the secrets of 90s dance music again and they have discovered the art of 
dubstep now, which is almost synonymous for the evil arse kicking bass and 
bass drums.
   Still I always connect your music to the early 2000s, when the 
salat-in-the-field basdrum was in fashion and annoying the hell out of me. :-) 
Now you might get better drums all round, but you might get worse 
arrangements. Very bare instrumentation. Or you get German hiphop, which finds 
it way bacdk to the 80s, which in this case is even worse. Something like Sido 
"Engel links, Teufel rechts". the sounds themselves might not be too bad, but 
the arrangement is sparse, to sparse. So go on with your field recordings, the 
lively rhythms and the other details. Fill your songs with the filigrane 
   Warm regards


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