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Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Sat Nov 2 16:35:56 UTC 2013

Hello Robert!
   this is a good album, that you have released there. Up front I'd like to get 
the more unwelcome part of my e-mail out of the way in saying, that this is 
not my cup of tea, mostly. I do like "what makes you believe", the rest just 
doesn't really talk to me musically.
   that said, it is a fantastic production! It's clear and clean and has punch. 
Everything is transparent. As far as I am concerned the only criticism could 
be in the real of preferences and idiological approaches to production. I love 
the drumkit. Even I wouldn't have tortured the snare drum further to achieve a 
sound completely to my liking. It all fits together so neatly! If I said, that 
you could put this on a radiostation and no one would notice, would you 
understand this as a compliment in terms of production and playing? It would 
be meant as such.
   It's good to hear, that you don't neglect your own language. I always like 
hearing perfectly ordinary and global genres of music with lyrics in languages 
other than English and German.
   Musically I must say, that you have a good and versatile voice. It is you 
singing? I'm pretty sure, but... :-) The slight distortion on the vocals in 
"Been to the Gates" really helps the song along. Though as such processing 
goes, I think it's rather subtle. It almost gives it a sixties feel in the 
voice, not in the music. This raw edge, this crackle in the voice.
   As I said, both musically and in terms of production, it is very well 
performed. straight forward and spot on! Perhaps it's good for us, that you 
are unknown, because I've heard people making a nice bit of money with 
approximately similar music. that way we can all enjoy it for free and share 
it around, pass the links on.
   Warm regards and thanks

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