[LAU] More old crazed jazz

Julien Claassen julien at mail.upb.de
Mon Nov 4 12:53:51 UTC 2013

Hello Ken!
   what a perfectly charming piece of jazz! I like the mix. It's a small combo, 
but even that can be fucked up, if you're not careful and if you have enough 
real acoustic instruments in the mix. I'm still undecided about the drumkit. 
It's so well balanced and tamed, that I'd go for good samples, but the playing 
suggests a real drummer on a real drumkit.
   I will take that piece to Duesseldorf, next time I'm there, so we will have 
a good ambience for the inevitable long evening. It iwll at least get it 
started or coloured somewhere in the middle. :-) I really don't know, why you 
haven't released it before. Anyway, it's good that you did so now. I did fully 
observe the metric niceties yet, but I will take the time to follow it. I'm 
especially looking for the "windshield wiper" moment. I'm sorry, aqt this time 
of day, I can't properly follow a long track, for that there is too much 
demanding my attention. :-(
   Thanks for sharing this lovely piece of very cool jazz!
   Rhythmically moved yours

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