[LAU] Audio in KVM?

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Thu Nov 7 08:18:53 UTC 2013

I'm thinking about mixing down some old stuff, dredging out some old ideas and finishing them up.

Alas, though, my old studio laptop is gone (it's been my daughter's for years now, and has long since been wiped).

I have a great new i7 laptop, but I've got it set up for Work Stuff and I'm not changing that. Nor do I want to reboot it to do music stuff; I'd only do that for only an hour here and there rarely, and wouldn't want to lose my environment (read: emacs session, mosh sessions, and Firefox/Chrome tabs) and bring it all back.

What I'd really like is to run something like AVLinux inside KVM, with just enough resources to run Ardour and some plugins and maybe low-resource synths. I can book AVLinux just fine, but the problem I've had is that I cannot for the life of me get audio working. I get errors from KVM.

Has anyone successfully gotten audio to work from inside of a KVM VM? Is there any special magick I need to do to get this happening?

Also, I understand that if I'm not running a RT kernel on the host machine, I won't get RT performance on the VM's, but I don't think I need that for mixing. Are there any reasons why running say an Ingo kernel inside a KVM box wouldn't work?


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