[LAU] Audio in KVM?

Nicola nicola.di.marzo at vodafone.it
Thu Nov 7 19:07:48 UTC 2013

On 07/11/13 08:18, Ken Restivo wrote:
> I'm thinking about mixing down some old stuff, dredging out some old ideas and finishing them up.
> Alas, though, my old studio laptop is gone (it's been my daughter's for years now, and has long since been wiped).
> I have a great new i7 laptop, but I've got it set up for Work Stuff and I'm not changing that. Nor do I want to reboot it to do music stuff; I'd only do that for only an hour here and there rarely, and wouldn't want to lose my environment (read: emacs session, mosh sessions, and Firefox/Chrome tabs) and bring it all back.
> What I'd really like is to run something like AVLinux inside KVM, with just enough resources to run Ardour and some plugins and maybe low-resource synths. I can book AVLinux just fine, but the problem I've had is that I cannot for the life of me get audio working. I get errors from KVM.
> Has anyone successfully gotten audio to work from inside of a KVM VM? Is there any special magick I need to do to get this happening?
Hi Ken,

I was able to get audio working in Kvm using spice instead of vnc.
Basically you should set up "spice" in display-vnc reachable from the
guest details in VMM.
I've never experimented using it in real time i've just loaded some old
projects i did with reaper years ago and it did work (ignoring the
latency while recording of course).
Hope it helps

> Also, I understand that if I'm not running a RT kernel on the host machine, I won't get RT performance on the VM's, but I don't think I need that for mixing. Are there any reasons why running say an Ingo kernel inside a KVM box wouldn't work?
> -ken
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