[LAU] Machine Landscape

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 08:56:18 UTC 2013

Dear Julien,

Thanks for your kind words.
Well spotted on the 'breathing' at around 0:56 and on is _very_ similar 
to the one used in The world will note (it's the same Pd path), 
undoubtedly the two have quite a bit to share I guess in terms of 
atmosphere and imaginary.

The fact you say it was an experience for me is very flattering :) - in 
fact regarding the definition of 'music' or not, I have decided to 
address my acousmatic works as sonic experiences and - hopefully - craft 
them accordingly. Essentially I am interested in developing the 
intention/idea  of 'music' to widen its breadth to a 'sonic experience' 
which tries to be at the same time 'entertaining' (although the term is 
somewhat misleading towards something light) and at the same time 
thought-provoking. As a consequence, yes, you wouldn't probably listen 
to this as background music (noise? auditory filler?).


On 17/11/2013 23:25, Julien Claassen wrote:
> Hello Lorenzo!
>    Don't I discover one sound, that I've heard before? The vocodic
> breathing near the beginning? I've heard that before, but I'm not sure,
> if that wasone of your pieces as well or not.
>    This is more atmosphere and cinema in my ears than music. But for all
> that, I like it. There is the disturbing note, that machines usually
> inspire. In a matter of images it reaches from old steam to the most
> modern inexplicable in my mind. A few effects remind me of 70s robots,
> I'm thinking of Marvin the paranoid android, both in the 70s English
> original and the 80s-90s German translation.
>    Definitely not something I would listen to, while doing anything else
> or just for a fun five minutes. But I think, it is something, to which I
> will return. Explore your landscape further, penetrate into the hidden
> cravesses and electronic sadows.
>    Thanks for sharing this piece. It has been an experience.
>    Warm regards
>            Julien
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