[LAU] options for hard real time kernel for raring 13.04

Nicola Di Marzo nicola.di.marzo at vodafone.it
Fri Sep 13 18:55:02 UTC 2013

On 13/09/13 11:12, Marco Donnarumma wrote:
>     Hi Marco,
>     I recompiled a real time kernel for 13.04 following the system
>     configuration guide (in this case the italian translation that reports
>     "3.2.35-rt52").
>     http://linuxaudio.it/index.php/Configurazione_di_sistemi_audio_GNU/Linux#Compilare_il_tuo_real-time_kernel
>     I'm using an hp pavilion 6 laptop with the ua-25 ex soundcard and with
>     this particular real time Kernel everything works fine.
>     1 xrun discovered at 5,8 ms latency in 3 hours session, recording and
>     mixing with Ardour.
>     Best regards
>     Nicola
>     >
> Hi Nicola,
> thanks for sharing your experience. The process in that tutorial is 
> very similar to the one I followed from the other tutorial in English. 
> It's good to know it works well, yet my problem is with the nvidia 
> driver that needs to be patched for -rt as well.
> thank you!
> best,
> M
Hi Marco,

Fortunately, i've never used proprietary drivers since i use Linux audio 
'cause i always had intel video cards.
Anyway, I'm interested in your issue and i will follow this thread, hope 
you will solve this soon!

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