[LAU] The World Will Note

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 08:43:40 UTC 2013

Dear LAU,

I would like to share a work which was complete about 1 year ago which 
for various reasons is online only today: a video story (short film) by 
director Matteo Scerfò [1] for which I created the sound My part was 
done 100% in Linux.

Links (see below for a brief explanation and linux-audio tech. details).

Direct link to ogv:
Audio only ogg:

I created the complete sound(track) as the final work for my electronic 
music diploma dissertation last year.
As you can hear, this is not your tipical soundtrack :-). The film was 
initially conceived as silent, so my task was to give it sound at all 
levels. A more detailed explanation is provided in the accompanying 
paper [2] which I'm afraid is in Italian only, however I'll be happy to 
provide details if anyone is curious.

All audio was created on Linux using FLOSS software. All audio was also 
generated, i.e. there is no sampled sound - with the exception of TTS 
which strictly speaking _does_ use samples.

Audio software used.

- Ardour (version 2 - with various LADSPA effects..)
- Xjadeo (jack-transpor aware video player)
- Pure Data (including Granita glanular synth)
- Festival (speech synthesis - with some MBROLA voices)
- Rosegarden
- hexter DSSI
- yoshimi

Ardour + Xjadeo was my montage workbench. Pure Data was used to generate 
all sound ecept or TTS done through Festival. I owe much inspiration to 
Andy Farnell and his book Designing Sound [3] for the concepts, ideas 
and the philosophy of generating sound. Rosegarden was used to compose 
and sequence the 'musical' parts.
Excluding TTS where wave files were generated and then imported into 
Ardour all the rest was directly fed and recorded into the DAW through JACK.


[1] http://www.cinemaitaliano.info/pers/022008/matteo-scarfo.html
[2] http://www.lorenzosu.net/video/the_world_will_note/twwn_documento.pdf
[3] http://mitpress.mit.edu/books/designing-sound

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