[LAU] The World Will Note

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 08:11:58 UTC 2013

On 16/09/2013 01:36, Alf Haakon Lund wrote:
> On 14. sep. 2013 10:43, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
>> Dear LAU,
>> I would like to share a work which was complete about 1 year ago which
>> for various reasons is online only today: a video story (short film) by
>> director Matteo Scerfò [1] for which I created the sound My part was
>> done 100% in Linux.


> Impressive work,
> Albeit a bit pessimistic. "And hardly less marvellous" is how all the
> sounds helps build the right, heavy atmosFear. My favourite part is the
> electornic voices and their mesmerizing messages.
> Thank you for sharing!

Thank you Alf.
I guess it's worth mentioning all the 'spoken' parts (i.e. the 
electronic voices) as well as the title, are from historical sources: 
two speeches by Harry Truman - August 1945 - just after the Hiroshima 
attack [1] - I can see that the work can result pessimistic, our idea 
was that it is hopefully strongly thought-provoking.

[1] http://www.trumanlibrary.org/calendar/viewpapers.php?pid=100 and 

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