[LAU] GPL under pressure

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sat Sep 21 07:17:58 UTC 2013

My last words to and perhaps reading of the threads about the evil that
someone forked a project from Fons, that was GPL'ed by Fons and nobody

Nobody showed a violation of the GPL by Maurizio M. Gavioli, just a
mistake he seemingly is willing to correct after I contacted him,
something Fons could have done too. Humans tend to make mistakes. If
Fons makes a mistake it's ok, if somebody else makes a mistake she/he is
bad, should shut up, should stop forking a project, should be fired.

Fons made a mistake, he chose the GPL, while he disagrees with the GPL.
And now I read to often "please, please Fons, continue writing GPL'ed
software, we will reinterpret the GPL for you".

Fons is free to stop contributing or to continue contributing by using
another license, but if he chose the GPL, he's the only one to blame and
not Maurizio M. Gavioli. Calling him simple-minded (because he is one of
those Fons was talking about, even while he didn't use Maurizio's name)
is offending netiquette, not forking the project is offending

"Aeolus is meant to emulate a pipe organ, including the limits of a real
one. It's not meant to be a backend to some sequencer or notation
software, or a general-purpose additive synthesiser." - Fons

Maurizio M. Gavioli seems to fork it, for usage with notation software.
Any discussion about something that should be wrong with doing this, is
a shame and does harm the GPL.


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