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Sat Sep 21 07:26:10 UTC 2013

If you provide a summary (even with your spin on it) please provide
full quotes for everything you refer to. In particular provide the
context for the "simple-minded" quote. Don't provide context only

On 9/21/13, Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net> wrote:
> My last words to and perhaps reading of the threads about the evil that
> someone forked a project from Fons, that was GPL'ed by Fons and nobody
> else.
> Nobody showed a violation of the GPL by Maurizio M. Gavioli, just a
> mistake he seemingly is willing to correct after I contacted him,
> something Fons could have done too. Humans tend to make mistakes. If
> Fons makes a mistake it's ok, if somebody else makes a mistake she/he is
> bad, should shut up, should stop forking a project, should be fired.
> Fons made a mistake, he chose the GPL, while he disagrees with the GPL.
> And now I read to often "please, please Fons, continue writing GPL'ed
> software, we will reinterpret the GPL for you".
> Fons is free to stop contributing or to continue contributing by using
> another license, but if he chose the GPL, he's the only one to blame and
> not Maurizio M. Gavioli. Calling him simple-minded (because he is one of
> those Fons was talking about, even while he didn't use Maurizio's name)
> is offending netiquette, not forking the project is offending
> netiquette.
> "Aeolus is meant to emulate a pipe organ, including the limits of a real
> one. It's not meant to be a backend to some sequencer or notation
> software, or a general-purpose additive synthesiser." - Fons
> Maurizio M. Gavioli seems to fork it, for usage with notation software.
> Any discussion about something that should be wrong with doing this, is
> a shame and does harm the GPL.
> Regards,
> Ralf
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