[LAU] [LAD] Just an information about the state of affairs - Re: forking (was Re: Aeolus)

Felix Homann linuxaudio at showlabor.de
Sun Sep 22 09:14:25 UTC 2013

Am 21.09.2013 21:33 schrieb "Fons Adriaensen" <fons at linuxaudio.org>:
> On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 04:36:45PM +0300, Dan Muresan wrote:
> > M. Gavioli also sent me a private e-mail. He sounded like he was
> > worried about the community going after him (possibly legally I
> > guess). This is not a good outcome, regardless of intentions.
> Indeed not. I'll take care of this. Maurizio Gavioli has nothing
> to fear, at least not from me. Nor do I consider him to be be
> 'simple minded' as was suggested, on the contrary.

Fons, I think you should still clarify your position on using your code
under the terms of the GPL you have chosen. If you don't want your code to
be used under those terms, please change the license. I got the impression
that your intentions might be better represented by something like the
Microsoft Reference License.

To clarify:
I'm fine with whatever license you choose. It is your code! I would just
like to prevent another storm like this just because the license you chose
does not match your intentions.
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