[LAU] ayyi

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sun Sep 22 10:30:53 UTC 2013

Hi :)

there seems to be no info about possible conflicts between ardourd and
an already existing Ardour install. Before I install ayyi I want to know
if it could cause issues.

Regarding to no output for
[rocketmouse at archlinux ayyi]$ pacman -Ql ardour | grep ardourd
I suspect at least no issues for a parallel Ardour2 install.

[rocketmouse at archlinux ayyi]$ pacman -Q ardour
ardour 2.8.16-1
[rocketmouse at archlinux ayyi]$ cat ardourd-0.1.10/README
Please see the Ardour web site at http://ardour.org/ for all

For information on building ardour: http://ardour.org/building.


PS: When using http://www.ayyi.org/contact I get:

warning: mail() has been disabled for security reasons in
/home/orfordo/public_html/ayyi.org/includes/mail.inc on line 193.
Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site admin, if the problem

Your message has been sent.

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