[LAU] Is CentOS good for audio stuff?

Roberto Suárez Soto talkingxouba at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 09:38:58 UTC 2014

El 24/12/14 a las 10:02, Kazakore escribió:
> I know CentOS has been used with the Fedora based PlanetCCRMA in the 
> past so might be worth asking on their list as to the current status 
> of it. I also know there is a more general audio spin for Fedora now 
> (Fedora Jam??) so not sure how active PlanetCCRMA still is...

     That's the problem: it seems PlanetCCRMA is still "on the works" 
for Fedora 20, and Fedora 21 has been out there already for a while. 
Besides, I'd like to use more-or-less standard repositories as much as 

     Anyway, from what I've gathered from my "investigations" these last 
few days, I'm starting to realize that it's going to be easier to simply 
install a LTS version of Ubuntu and stick to it: things like low latency 
kernels and dkms are in the default repositories, while you have to 
"cook" your own in CentOS. I could do it, but it'd be a maintenance 
nightmare. And that's precisely what I'd like to avoid.

     A pity, because each time I upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu and 
something breaks (usually the sound stuff; in particular, usually 
pulseaudio), I angrily vow to switch to something else (fists raised to 
the sky and all that). Guess it's time to ditch pulseaudio for good and 
use only jack, and see if that makes everything easier.


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