[LAU] Is CentOS good for audio stuff?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Wed Dec 24 12:26:59 UTC 2014

Hi Roberto,

if you want to keep stable Linux audio userspace with less maintenance,
then the easiest way is to use a distro that follows upstream and that
provides an audio repository.

Some from this mailing list are using Arch Linux. For Arch there is the
Arch audio repository and the Arch user repository in addition to the
official repositories. They provide audio software and Linux RT.

For Ubuntu LTS you need to install a PPA in addition to the official
repositories, since Ubuntu follows Debian and Debian's policy is a PITA
for audio users. Or is e.g. linuxsampler now available by the official
repositories? However, the biggest issue for audio users on release
model distros is making audio userspace maintenance much harder than
for a distro that follows stable releases from upstream.

By your point of view likely two things are not that nice with Arch
1. One time you need to set up everything yourself, but Arch provides
good howtos.
2. You regularly need to upgrade and before upgrading you should read
the news on the Arch homepage, to avoid trouble.


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