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Markus Seeber markus.seeber at spectralbird.de
Fri Dec 26 04:07:53 UTC 2014

On 12/26/2014 12:13 AM, Aurélien Leblond wrote:
> Hello all,
> Merry Christmas and (soon) happy new year!
> I was wondering if you guys would have a few advice for graphic card?
> My laptop blew up a few days ago, so I'm building a pc to replace it
> (haven't done that in years) - I'm not a gamer, the only things me and my
> wife are doing are music production and photo editing, only running Linux.
> Any advice between Radeon or GeForce? Which driver is good and doesn't
> disturb Jack or audio latency?
> Thanks in advance,
> Aurélien
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My advice is to save the money and don't buy a additional graphics card
yet. That way you get less power consumption, better reliability (one
component less, that can fail or grab the IRQ of your soundcard)
The integrated graphics stuff these days is more than enough for the use
cases you named, the only deal breaker may be the number of ouputs the
board offers for your screens without a dedicated graphics card.

Also, if one day, the time has come that your use case changes and you
really need an additional card, you can still buy one.

I had good experiences with the intel onboard solutions, they worked out
of the box (tested on debian, fedora and centos), and offer surprisingly
good performance. I don't know about AMD on the other hand, never tested
them in the last 10 years...

* use the onboard solutions, they are good enough
* check how many display ports are supported before spending money on them
* if they are not good enough, you can still buy a graphics card after

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