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In last 12 months, I've replaced a laptop and a desktop. In both cases, got Intel and use the stock Intel video hardware. Plenty fast enough, no interference with realtime. Switched from old Intel (laptop) and Radeon (desktop).

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---- Brent Busby <brent at keycorner.org> wrote: 
> On Thu, 25 Dec 2014, Aur?lien Leblond wrote:
> > I was wondering if you guys would have a few advice for graphic card? 
> > My laptop blew up a few days ago, so I'm building a pc to replace it 
> > (haven't done that in years) - I'm not a gamer, the only things me and 
> > my wife are doing are music production and photo editing, only running 
> > Linux.
> >
> > Any advice between Radeon or GeForce? Which driver is good and doesn't 
> > disturb Jack or audio latency?
> I run the free radeon driver from X.org.  I've heard all the arguments 
> about how the nVidia closed drivers have better performance, but they 
> have a bad history of interfering with realtime in the past, the kernel 
> developers hate them, and I don't like binary mystery code that runs as 
> root from anybody.
> The free radeon drivers have been getting better all the time.
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