[LAU] Carla Plugin Host 2.0-beta3 released!

Filipe Coelho falktx at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 18:28:05 UTC 2014

On 28-12-2014 14:19, Atte wrote:
> On 10/25/2014 03:20 AM, Filipe Coelho wrote:
>>   - Carla as VST plugin (Linux only)
> Hi
> A few problems (please send me somewhere else, if this is the wrong
> place to ask).
This is fine, but I'd prefer issues were reported at 

Do a small search before reporting something.
If you see a bug/feature-request that you're interested in, leave a 
comment so that I know more people are interested on it.
That way it might be done faster. ;)

> 1) There seems to be something fishy going on. On first attempt I had no
> sound, then after fidling around and also started the standalone carla
> things started working.
Not sure about this, need more details...

But running carla as plugin before running the standalone will not 
display LV2 plugins.
You need to run carla (standalone) and add a plugin at least once.
This won't be needed in the final 2.0 version, but it is for now.

> 2) The sustain pedal is not working with sfz files
I had other reports of this too.
I changed quite a bit of the linuxsampler code in carla in the last beta 
(trying to optimize memory usage),
so it's very likely something got broke.

Have you tried with the stable 1.x series yet?

> 3) Loaded synth1, and it seems to work. However I can't see my presets,
> I guess it's a path thing. Seem to remember some strange install routine
> when installing synth1 the first time, any idea?
You mean synth1 the windows vst plugin, right?

If yes, then it's kinda expected. plugin-bridges (needed to get windows 
plugins running in linux-carla) are a work-in-progress.
The next beta should have them working much smoother, I'm finishing up 
that work now.

Anyway, this issue is very likely caused by synth1 having too many presets.
I need to add a limit like the one for the maximum-parameters.

For the timeout issues, decrease the maximum parameter value to say 30 
and they should go away.
(the new code I'm working on doesn't have this limitation)

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