[LAU] Carla Plugin Host 2.0-beta3 released!

Filipe Coelho falktx at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 01:37:04 UTC 2014

On 28-12-2014 23:30, Atte wrote:
> On 12/28/2014 07:28 PM, Filipe Coelho wrote:
>> On 28-12-2014 14:19, Atte wrote:
>>> A few problems (please send me somewhere else, if this is the wrong
>>> place to ask).
>> This is fine, but I'd prefer issues were reported at
>> https://github.com/falkTX/Carla/issues/
> Ok, but...
>> If yes, then it's kinda expected. plugin-bridges (needed to get windows
>> plugins running in linux-carla) are a work-in-progress.
>> The next beta should have them working much smoother, I'm finishing up
>> that work now.
> <snip>
>> For the timeout issues, decrease the maximum parameter value to say 30
>> and they should go away.
>> (the new code I'm working on doesn't have this limitation)
> Sounds like I should rather let the smoke clear and try again with next
> beta. Then I'll take it step by step and report any issues the right
> way. Sounds like a plan?
Sure, fine by me.

> One question, though. If I wanna reproduce the "first run"-strangeness,
> I need to clear out all config files, both of carla-standalone and vst
> plugin. Where do I find those configs?
Everything should be in ~/.config/falkTX/

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