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Sun May 4 11:43:38 UTC 2014

El 04/05/2014 04:41, "Max" <abonnements at revolwear.com> escribió:
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> On 2014년 04월 14일 06:24, Len Ovens wrote:
> > First thing is to make sure you have a current PA as there has been
> > a lot of work on it in the past few years. Things that didn't work
> > or not right in 2012 have been fixed and work now. [edit, this does
> > not seem to be fixed lp:#1232295 is not closed] I don't personally
> > know about suspend because I don't happen to need/use it. Once PA
> > gets restarted though, I don't think there is much you can do about
> > chromium/firefox although just reloading the page should bring it
> > back because the pulse port is not opened by gstream until/unless
> > the web page needs it. It should be the same with many other
> > desktop apps (which is why PA-jack is so useful). Many of them shut
> > the port just with a pause and certainly with a stop/play (but that
> > would loose the place you were if part way through a movie). This
> > page:
> >
> >
> >  Suggests that pulseaudio -k is not the best thing to do and that
> > using pasuspender will not break running applications like the
> > browser.
> they suggest
> /usr/bin/pasuspender /bin/true
> instead, but that's doing nothing for me to bring back PA after
> suspend, only pulseaudio -k works.

In some systems/distros I use I think I don't have problems now : Kubuntu
(pulseaudio IIRC), Musix and Raspbian (both based on Debian and tweaked by
me to get rid of problems with pulseaudio).
But truth is that I'm not used to suspend when working (i.e. music
production and jamming) on these two last.

> Odd situation is that html5 audio is broken just as well as flash
> audio in the browser after suspend. The difference is that for flash I
> only need to reload the tab which is using it, while for html5 audio I
> have to restart the whole browser to get audio back.

Interesting. Several of my experiments and projects deal with HTML5 and
Open Web Apps for musicians and artists, and I didn't have problems, but I
will check it again on desktop as I develop "Mobile first" and multidevice

> > It sounds like jackdbus has made it through the suspend ok anyway.
> yes, guess that's something to be thankful for, could always be a lot
> more complicated.

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