[LAU] Netjack on Linux Mint 17 and Windows 7 with jackdmp 1.9.10

Christoph Kuhr christoph.kuhr at web.de
Tue Oct 14 09:05:37 UTC 2014

Hi *,

I wanted to use some VST plugin over network.
I am trying to get netjack running.

My Master is Linux Mint 17 x86_64 ( running jackdmp 1.9.10.
My Slave is a Windows 7 64Bit  ( running jackdmp 1.9.10.

With jack_netsource running on the Linux Master, nothing happend at all.
Neither with running jackd -dnet nor with jackd -dnetone on the Windows

With jack_net_master running on the Linux Master, I get the following
error: "NetJack master can not be opened", when I execute the following
command on the Windows slave:  jackd.exe -R -S -d net -P8 -C8.

In this scenario I capture the following UDP datagram with Wireshark:    UDP    686    Source port: igrid 
Destination port: igrid.

What I found with goioglew, was not helpful yet.

Has anyone some ideas, advice or web source?


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