[LAU] [SEMI-OT] Looking for simple audio project

Philipp Überbacher murks at tuxfamily.org
Sun Oct 19 20:10:43 UTC 2014

Hi there,

I'm attending a basic multimedia on mobile devices course at
university. During that course I'll have to do a small project,
possibly together with one or two others. I want to do something audio
related of course. The university staff is pretty much focused on
video, so they won't be of much help.

I'm looking for a reasonably low skill/work project idea.

The problem is that I have to do this for iOS (hence the SEMI-OT). I
wouldn't want to develop for or use that horrible platform but if I have
to do it anyway I might as well get some audio coding experience.

Maybe there is something that would be useful to port? Maybe there's
some need for a iPad as remote control thingy? Or some little thing
from scratch?

Suggestions are welcome.


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