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Carlos sanchiavedraz csanchezgs at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 12:13:26 UTC 2014

2014-10-27 15:45 GMT+00:00 Leonardo Gabrielli <leodardo at gmail.com>:

> Carlos,
> for audio over Eth/wireless on ARM I suggest you to give a read to my
> recent papers at:
> http://a3lab.dii.univpm.it/research/wemust
> Those didn't involve Fons' zita-[nj|jn]bridge, which has recently been
> released and I will probably use in next refinements of the research
> outcome, being tiny and functional.
> So far my experience with ARM cores is that you must be careful with Jack.
> Old platforms such as Xscale will require you effort for compiling and
> working fine. And btw I suggest you to go directly with 2.6 kernel for
> real-time audio. Also, I expect it to be tight as a platform for running
> Jack (how much memory do you have?) especially at low period sizes (the CPU
> risks to be overwhelmed with interrupts).
> Definetely Jack has a lot of features that are important even for this
> simple task but I'm wondering if there is any gain in embedding only those
> needed in a library and use it instead of the whole JACK.
> BTW: a nice paper you may want to read:
> Reuter, "Case Study: Building an Out Of The Box Raspberry Pi Modular
> Synthesizer", LAC 2014
> Leonardo
Thanks so much for the info, Leonardo. I'll check it ASAP,

> On 26/10/2014 13:00, linux-audio-user-request at lists.linuxaudio.org wrote:
>> In practice that is not very likely to happen, the reason
>>>> > >being that interfacing to Jack is so much more easy than
>>>> > >writing an ALSA driver. Also, passing via Jack does not
>>>> > >add any latency, and in most cases users will want the
>>>> > >flexibility it provides.
>>> >
>>> >thanks for the answer, I was expecting this, but hadn't measures the
>>> >difference between the jack client and alsa driver.
>>> >So now it looks like I need to learn how to cross compile jack for
>>> various
>>> >ARM devices to have it on the lightweight clients :/
>>> >
>>> >Rapha?l
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>>> >
>> I've thought about a similar idea sometime in the past: A distributed
>> audio
>> network with thin clients/raspberrys for a home studio or distributed via
>> some network. I'd be interested in following whatever progress you make.
>> About that of "distributed band" I red a little about programs to jam via
>> internet: Netjack, Ninjam, Midikit.


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