[LAU] Jack max ports question

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Sat Aug 1 17:46:02 UTC 2015

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 Objet : Re: [LAU] Jack max ports question
On Sat, 1 Aug 2015, Paul Davis wrote:

> You don't have to provide support to the endless stream of people who
> completely screw up their JACK system by ...

[...] but new people to the 
concept require support or will give up. Many ask a question on IRC and 
are gone in 60 seconds if no one answers, even with text when they join 
the channel that says wait. The Linux is no good comments from people are 
mostly for this reason. Very few of these people have done enough 
recording/producing to be frustrated with limits that an auto setup system 
gives them.

Len Ovens [...]

>>>> Maybe a link with the way "consumerism society" formats "spirits"?>>>> Which is definitly not included in the Linuxfreewayoflife, indeed!

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