[LAU] GuitarSynth update

Gerald Mwangi gerald.mwangi at gmx.de
Thu Aug 13 11:04:29 UTC 2015

Hi Guys, Galls. I've put some work on guitar synth on GuitarSynth
(https://github.com/geraldmwangi/guitarsynth-dpf). There is a new
parameter per synth called overlay input. What it does is it multiplies
the synth signal with a scaled version of the input audio. That way the
synth sound is attenuated by the guitar sound, making it more
'guitarish' sounding. I would like to hear your thoughts on it. Remember
when testing to turn up the gain of the synth in question, as well the
input gain on the soundcard/alsamixer.
Work on the polyphonic pitch detection is come to a halt, since I'm
wrapping up my PhD, but don't sigh: I'm still reading into the matter
and have some ideas..
Gerald /JimsonDrift

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