[LAU] Found ALSA driver for Behringer FCA202 (Firewire)?

Jonathan Brickman jeb at ponderworthy.com
Fri Aug 14 01:55:01 UTC 2015

Saw something I didn't expect while debugging my production box; in
/proc/asound/cards, an entry named FCA202, which was my Behringer FCA202
firewire interface.  Since when does ALSA do Firewire interfaces?

I'm tracking a very intermittent freezup bug of some sort, and thought
perhaps this ALSA driver was interfering with JACK and its Firewire side,
and have blacklisted the driver involved (snd_oxfw) just in case.  It will
take a lot of testing to come to an opinion whether or not this eliminated
the problem.

But meanwhile, does this mean that I have the option of using
JACK-->ALSA-->FCA202 as well as JACK-->Firewire-->FCA202?
Anyone know which perhaps I should prefer for high performance at low
latency?  I'm running 96KHz and liking it a lot...

In case it helps:  kernel 4.1.3 Liquorix, Debian Testing, 64-bit, up to


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