[LAU] Midish and Yoshimi issue

F. Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Sun Aug 16 23:02:15 UTC 2015

Will Godfrey, Aug 16 2015:
Hey hey Will!

> Have you compiled yoshimi yourself, or are you getting it from a distro?
I've compiled it myself.

> What's the version number - the latest is
It is the latest.

> I've not used Midish. Does it expect alsa or jack midi? If working from a
> command line you can set yoshimi to match what you have.
It expects ALSA and my audio driver is JACK. From the shell the connetions work fine, both JACK - automatically and ALSA through aconnect. But from Midish it doesn't work. Yoshimi sees the successful MIDI connections through ALSA sequencer, but somehow doesn't accept Midish's input. So I guess it's Midish somehow. I've made sure:
aconnect hardware synth -> yoshimi = OK
aplaymidi -> yoshimi = OK
hardware -> hardware through Midish = OK
hardware -> LinuxSampler through Midish = OK
hardware -> Yoshimi through Midish = no sound/transmission

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