[LAU] Midish and Yoshimi issue

F. Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Mon Aug 17 18:51:10 UTC 2015

Will J Godfrey, Aug 17 2015:

> By default yoshimi complies for jack midi.
I changed that, when I compiled it. I don't use JACK MIDI anywhere, if I can avoid it. :)

> However it should have worked using yoshimi -a
> If this is run via Midish then maybe it is stripping off the '-a' argument
No I'm running yoshimi from a different tty and it works fine if connected to a hardware device via aconnect or even, when fed by aplaymidi. I have to assume, it's somethig in Midish, though I can't understand, what it could be.
Thank you for caring for your users!

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