[LAU] NAMA, non-distructive?

Joel Roth joelz at pobox.com
Mon Aug 31 06:00:34 UTC 2015

Hart Larry wrote:
> Thank you MR Hawaii, I forgot I had installed that, but looking in its
> man-page, makes references to non-distructive editing. If I understand the
> concept, I would think editing out portions of sound would certainly be
> destroying an orriginal. Meanwhil, if I run nana -t and a file name, I get
> the following error:
> Found config file: /home/chime/.namarc
> YAML::Tiny found bad indenting in line '  consumer:' at
> /usr/share/perl5/Audio/Nama/Assign.pm line 283.
> So please, how do I fix this-and-would NAMA be an interactive editor? Thanks

Hi Hart,

You could rename /home/chime/.namarc and let nama generate a
new one, and/or you could inspect the file (or mail it to
me) to see if there is something odd. Also, you should make
sure you are running a sufficiently recent version of Nama.
(Probably easiest to install from CPAN.)

To create a new project

nama -t 
> create projectname


nama -t -c projectname

Nama is non destructive in that it writes WAV files, and
doesn't generally remove them. It is also non destructive in
that the entire project history is stored in git.  Earlier
snapshots can be revisited and branched. And after bouncing
a track, you can restore the track state before bouncing,
and twiddle it, and bounce it again. 

If you want to trim the beginning and end of an audio file
using Nama, the usual way is to place two marks in the track
and use them to set a region definition.

Trimming a section from the middle of an audio file
is possible, but slightly roundabout. I think you
presently have to divide the track into three regions,
and then create a sequence combining the first and third
regions. A convenience function for this might be nice
to have. It could be similar to sox's trim function.

Nama's edits facility makes it possible to re-record a
phrase or note any number of times, and then bounce 
the selected changes to a new WAV file.

Feel free to post questions here, or for a more intimate
experience, on the Nama mailing list :)



> in advance
> Hart
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