[LAU] An Easier mp3Editor?

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> In reality Lorenzo, I was an orriginal who had asked about this-and-Karen was 
> kind as to send along to this list. I prefer saving files in mp3 as since around 
> 1997 its been a standard. Sure I have collections of other file types, including 
> videos. Right now since "dae" only edits .wav  I must work and convert in that 
> format. Thanks so much in advance
> Hart

This program claims to do it without decoding. Generally I thought this wasn't possible, or at least it's not to a sample level and thus generally not done. Maybe give it a go.


Or most audio editors will happily load an mp3, allow you to work on it and then save/export as mp3. Although it will be converted to a pcm file for working on this will be invisible to you as a user and hopefully any loss in audio quality will be minimal if you are using a high bit rate.

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