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Wed Jan 7 08:42:40 UTC 2015

On 06/01/15 at 12:55pm, Joe Hartley wrote:


> I've been a UNIX/Linux administrator longer than some folks on this list
> have been alive.  systemd has always seemed like a solution to a problem
> that didn't really exist, and causes more issues than it solves, especially
> when it comes to kernel logging.  That said, it seems to be the way of the
> future, and I don't despise it to the level others do, or as much as I hate
> pulseaudio.

Just for the record, I totally agree.
I've read tons of silly posts about systemd but really 0.01% was on topic with objective
args, the majority of end users simply follow the mainstream thinking it's cool and wise 
to put emphasis on Torvalds words about the kernel logging thing and that's what I think
is really wacky about Linux.

> I have run FreeBSD servers in the past (and may again), but it was never 
> under consideration when I dropped Fedora because to me it doesn't seem to be
> the right tool for the job.

At first glance it seems that FreeBSD guys are not really there at the moment but I am
digging a little into.

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