[LAU] [OT] another systemd thread

Raffaele Morelli raffaele.morelli at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 11:49:12 UTC 2015

On 07/01/15 at 12:17pm, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> Resume: FreeBSD can't replace a Linux audio production environment.
> A last note from me regarding systemd:
> On Wed, 7 Jan 2015 09:42:40 +0100, Raffaele Morelli wrote:
> > the majority of end users simply follow the mainstream thinking it's
> > cool and wise to put emphasis on Torvalds words about the kernel
> > logging thing and that's what I think is really wacky about Linux.
> The majority of users don't know Torvalds words, but they experienced
> that one or the other systemd upgrade caused fatal issues. They
> experienced additional issues when trying to fix issues using
> journalctl. They experienced completely idiotic changes for defaults on
> a system that was stable for years, e.g. when eth0 was renamed to
> enp3s0. The resume is that it caused 100s of little, fixable issues, so
> you needed to fix a install that was stable before. Several admins know
> Torvalds words and often agree with him, but the reason that they are
> against systemd is that they lost functionality, there's no way to get
> back what they need, at least not that easy as it can be done for our
> desktop computers, were most problems can be fixed by working a few
> days. The averaged *buntu replaced Windows user won't notice a
> difference between SysVinit, Upstart and systemd, but many power-users
> who set up their machines to their individual needs and work-flows at
> least from time to time have to spend a few hours to fix systemd issues.
> Sometimes, when there e.g. was the endless disk checking with each
> startup, users who don't shutdown their machines, couldn't notice such
> an issue. The problem is that systemd sometimes tries to fix some odd
> ideas from the time before we used systemd, but this likely does cause
> backwards incompatibility, so the user needs to fix it or to completely
> change her/his work-flow. Usually people don't dislike systemd to fake
> coolness and wisdom, they experience everything from little annoyances
> to serious issues and that's why they are against an attitude, not
> against systemd per se.

QED you among the others are claiming about nothing concrete, I ran debian on my servers
and desktops, switching to systemd did not caused a single issue.
I've read tons of posts like your, nothing concrete about systemd, just repeating over and
over again the same four silly things about phantom sys admin being stucked by ... what?

Furthermore, those who are stucked by filesystem check at startup are either noobs or completely ignorants 
which can't use tune2fs correctly.

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