[LAU] CD printout for manufacturer

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Wed Jan 7 22:08:18 UTC 2015

On Tue, 6 Jan 2015, Peter Lutek wrote:

> greetings!
> most CD manufacturers require a printout of the CD layout (track start/end, 
> pre-gaps, ISRC, CD-text, etc.) along with the burned CD, before 
> manufacturing. a lot of commercial mastering software seems to have a 
> facility, linked to the CD layout functions, which formats such data in a 
> printable form.
> on linux, i've always just transferred all that stuff by hand into a 
> document, but i'm wondering if anyone has an easy way of automating this at 
> all. it doesn't look like there's a direct way to do that in Mixbus, which is 
> my DAW at the moment...

Just a bit of background first to make sure both you and I are thinking 
the same way. Normally to make a DAO CD (best thing for audio) You need 
two files, The binary and the TOC or the CUE. The TOC for sure has all 
that info in it (or should) so you should have it already somewhere. 
However, If you can't find it, putting the CD in your computer CD/DVD 
drive and doing:

cdrdao show-toc filename.toc

should get it for you.

This will only work assuming all the info you wish (Including ISRC and 
text) were entered somewhere in Mixbus in the first place. Otherwise 
only track start and length will be there.

Am I making sense?

Len Ovens

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