[LAU] NEWBIE needs help: Multi-buffering

Bill Gribble grib at billgribble.com
Sun Jun 21 11:35:43 UTC 2015

JACK is exactly designed for this use case.  The documentation is bit hard to get from a beginner's perspective, but there are of sample apps that you can look at in the JACK distribution.

Basically all audio processing in Linux is done on a buffer-by-buffer basis with a several-buffer queue.  You need to do nothing to get that, it's just the way the underlying system works.

Bill Gribble

> On Jun 20, 2015, at 13:21, mehrdad ghassempoory <ghassempoory at gmail.com> wrote:
> I want to write a small audio signal processing application.
> What I want to do is to successive blocks of N samples,
> process them and display the results in real time.
> The processing takes a lot more time than sampling interval,
> however it can be comfortably done in the time it takes to
> collect N samples. That is why I like to have an arrangement
> where I can queue two or three buffers for audio input and
> process the first full buffer in plenty of time while the audio
> software is filling in the next buffer.  As soon as I finish
> processing  the buffer, I could queue it to be filled again.
> I would also like use callbacks as much as possible.
> I have tried PORTAUDIO and it does not seem to do multi-buffering
> I have tried JACK briefly but it suffers from lack of documentation and
> as far as I could gather it had no facilities for this kind of thing.
> I know I could write a higher level interface for PORTAUDIO
> to simulate multi-buffering but it means I have to copy input buffer into
> intermediate buffers to simulate multi-buffering and apart from
> synchronisation problems that I may encounter, it is a solution
> that appears very inelegant to me.
> Is there anything out there which can do multi-buffer audio I/O ?
> Any pointers to web pages, advice or admonition is very welcome!
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