[LAU] Mac and PC

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Tue Mar 3 06:02:57 UTC 2015

I have been reading a manual for an AoIP (ravenna) SW sound card. There is 
a very interesting comparison between a Mac and a win-pc.

This is not a special card, just a standard GB ethernet card connected to 
a Ravenna i/o box (Horus).

 	48K = 64 i/o
 	96k = 32 i/o
 	192 = 16 i/o
 	384 = 8 i/o
 	64 samples - not recomended
 	128 - ok - but not default
 	256 -recomended
 	At 192k, smaller buffer sizes are ok, but 64 is minimum (like jack
 		at 32/2)

 	64 i/o at all sample rates
 	latency 32/48/64 (defaults to 32)

Is this the hw or the os? the mac gui shows if the computer is running ptp 
or not, but the windows one doesn't. maybe that is the difference.

Len Ovens

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