[LAU] free/libre/open online music distribution

Wayne DePrince Jr. waynedpj at in-giro.org
Wed Mar 25 14:43:15 UTC 2015

Il giorno Tue, 17 Mar 2015 11:11:42 +0100
Set Hallström <sakrecoer at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> Jekyll is awsome! :)
> It's written in ruby and it dynamically outputts a rendered static html
> site, and it doesn't require a database software.
> http://jekyllrb.com/

	def seems to be the reigning champ, though there are many tools, and quite an eco-system in the JavaScript+Node/io.js world.  thanks for the upvote and examples.

> It is supposed to be easy to write plugins for it, but i don't about that
> so much. I'm sort of dreaminf of a plugin that would take a directory with
> ogg's and outpus a page for eachfile including anindex of all, using the ID
> tags for cover art, comments and lyrics for text content etcetera... but i
> guess i have to learn that language first, or hope for some of you guys to
> come up with it :D

	LOL i was talking to Zirafa about something similar (he calls it "Cassette") a while back.  i have been playing around with some static tools and am currently trying to do something like that, instead of simply generating a website.  though as you say the learning curve is steep for someone not doing this regularly.  however, i think it would be a great tool for non-tech musicians/etc: just get the audio, images, etc. in the right place and type "generate" and viola, a site with correctly tagged media for sharing ;)  well if anything even comes of this i will announce it here, though do not hold your breath ;P

> I had a chat with Zirafa from puushtape, and i think there is some plan of
> doing something similar. How i don't know. But i really like pushtape. If i
> had to use PHP and databses again i would go for that.

	yes, Pt (Pushtape) is very cool and well done, and i can attest that it works well out of the box.  i just am wary of going down the CMS+DB road and maintaining that stack.  but that is a just my experience with Drupal/etc. not w/ Pt.

> Hope that helps!


> *set
> PS.
> Here are some example of what i've done with jekyll for music related
> purposes:
> http://basspistol.com
> http://sakrecoer.com

	wow, very cool sites.  seems like you are quite a whiz with Jekyll/CSS/etc!

	thanks again.

peace, w

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